- Mission Statement / Abous us
"Working For A Prosperous Inverclyde since 2000"
Shopinverclyde- inverclyde Business Directory & Tourism Portal
"Recession Bursting
Solutions" was originally created in 2000. The site was designed, created and launched
as a  tourism and community website for the Inverclyde area.

The aim of this website is to enhance the tourism profile of Inverclyde and actively encourage new
business, overseas investment whilst complementing the existing local businesses and affording all
businesses in Inverclyde,  the opportunity to showcase their products and services online at an
affordable price - reaping effective results. , was launched in 2006 as a breakaway from to focus
solely on Promoting Inverclyde Tourism. has since merged with and together they compliment each
other incorporating inverclyde business advertising & a tourism portal in one user friendly site.  We
aim to allow our users to get to where they want to be in our site in just " 3 clicks"., generates traffic from all over Inverclyde , Scotland , the  UK, US, Canada,
Russia, China, France, Spain, India, Africa. (A global audience  including  many emerging markets
such as China & India)

We are confident that the site is and will continue to enhance the economical prosperity of the
Inverclyde region and continue to proudly showing visitors to our site what Inverclyde has to offer
by way of a tourist destination.

The site generates interest from domestic, foreign and ex-pat visitors.(All potential tourists of
Inverclyde and users of Inverclyde businesses).

Over the  years the site has
been improved, with additional useful services to Inverclyde locals and potential tourists , including
Picture gallery, takeaway directory, What’s on section, and many more features, with more at
Development level.

We allow each local business , regardless of nature , small, medium and large  to appear online  in
a unique & user friendly business directory allowing all businesses to have an online presence.

The businesses are categorised and each business can have their own web page, free from
external advertising.  In effect a blank canvass whereby local businesses are allowed to advertise
their business and promote any special offers they may have.

Currently many local businesses have taken advantage of the services on offer and further funds
have been invested improving the websites` functionality.  

We aim to help promote the Inverclyde economy, help create jobs and bolster tourism.  All of which
are the fundamental aims and aspirations
of receives no funding & is a privately financed venture, working for Inverclyde.

Please feel free to add your, Inverclyde business to our site

Kind regards
PHONE #:  07508123289!/shopinverclyde
All rights reserved.
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